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Job Details

TNTP seeks a Seasonal Senior Manager to support our Community Connectors project in San Antonio, TX and Oakland, CA. This position is based in a home office within driving distance of one of these cities and is available immediately. Local travel for community-based meetings may be required. Occasional travel to our other project site (San Antonio – Oakland) may be required (contingent upon organizational/state/federal regulations).

Who We Are

A national nonprofit founded by teachers, TNTP believes our nation’s public schools can offer all children an excellent education. Today we’re a diverse team from a wide range of fields, united by a fierce commitment to helping school systems end educational inequality. We work at every level of the public education system to attract and train talented teachers and school leaders, ensure rigorous and engaging classrooms, and create environments that prioritize great teaching and accelerate student learning.

In partnership with community... organizations in Oakland, California, and San Antonio, Texas, TNTP is developing a model for discovering invaluable community assets that support families and children, from health clinics and public libraries to youth sports programs and home school collaboratives; for amplifying the voice of community organizations and stakeholders that far too often go unheard when important matters are being discussed; and for shining light on the people, places, and stories that make every community unique.

Every community has assets, but finding them can be challenging, a maze of haphazard web searches that favors well-funded organizations that are easily discoverable, but not necessarily the most trusted by families. Every community also has an authentic vision for its future and aspirational goals for its children, but far too often the voices needed to make that vision a reality are left out of the planning, feedback, and implementation stages. And every community has a unique history, a never-ending set of stories, voices, and images that must be acknowledged and heard in order to know where it’s been, what makes it tick, and how to come together to change where it’s going. TNTP’s Community Connectors project aims to disrupt this cycle by developing a digital space that reflects the power of community, from the grasstops to the grassroots. With this information in hand, community assets will be seen, community members will be positioned to be included in community decision-making and their history and stories will be celebrated.

This will be accomplished if community-based organizations and individuals across San Antonio and Oakland are at the table for the design work and shape the vision at every stage. We seek to hire a Seasonal Senior Manager from each community to contribute to this work and facilitate local partnerships to inform the project design. The Senior Manager will be responsible for building and facilitating a Community Advisory Committee, to be an ongoing point of contact for input and feedback. The Senior Manager will also coordinate interviews with diverse members of the community and gather stories that, coupled with videos or photographs, can be highlighted on the site to showcase the community’s history, present-day assets, and vision for the future.

What You’ll Do

As a Seasonal Senior Manager, Community Connectors, you’ll be instrumental in establishing and facilitating community partnerships that contribute to the design of our digital site. The team will benefit from your intimate knowledge and of the community, deep local connections and strong communication skills as we advance our mission through tangible and near-term goals. You will seek out relationships with grassroots and local organizations focused on mission-aligned priorities and build trust in the contributions of TNTP to the work of community leaders and coalitions on the ground.

You will also work collaboratively within the Community Connectors team, situated in the Policy, Advocacy and Community Coalitions Division at TNTP, serving in a seasonal role, contributing to the Community Connectors project. As the work evolves, the team will look to you to bring new perspectives and ideas in the work.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with a broad and diverse set of local stakeholders, including students, parents, educators, business/religious/non-profit/elected leaders, to contribute to the project design
  • Establish partnerships with allied groups who share common goals and values
  • Conduct landscape analysis to ensure the project equitably represents the diverse constituents from across the community
  • Ensures information, research, data and other information is appropriately gathered, organized and used strategically in a timely manner
  • Work alongside and build capacity in others to lead and participate in collaborative design sessions including facilitating trainings, leading design thinking and managing 360-degree feedback processes
  • Collaborate with members of the TNTP team as well as staff at our data-visualization firm – Schema – to ensure the vision and contributions of our community partners informs the project’s design

What You Bring

We are looking for amazing people who have diverse backgrounds and experiences, are inspired by our mission, and are highly motivated to change children’s lives through education. You’ll be right at home here if you learn from failure and overcome adversity, cultivate strong relationships, and push yourself, your work, and the people around you to the next level.

We expect our Seasonal Senior Managers to:

  • Have a passion and understanding of the education landscape and communities. You bring deep background knowledge in the current education landscape and a passion for embedding community engagement and involving communities in our work.
  • Connect the dots in ambiguous circumstances. You’ll use your analytical and problem-solving skills to design and facilitate trainings and meetings and gather input from diverse stakeholder to generate a collective vision for our project with limited guidance.
  • Partner with community leaders. You’ll regularly interact with, and be expected to influence local leaders, motivating and guiding them to lead transformative change efforts.
  • Build relationships. You have the ability to connect and build relationships with diverse communities. Bilingual abilities are a plus, Spanish language required.
  • Embrace cross-cultural agility. Authentic self-reflection, self-awareness, and high emotional intelligence are central to who you are, and you utilize these skills to contribute to a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. You have an adept cultural understanding of yourself and use your understanding of yourself and others to build trusting relationships with colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Manages time carefully. You may manage multiple projects simultaneously, and you’ll need to prioritize your time carefully to meet deadlines and the needs of our school and district partners.

Specific Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated success in community organizing, campaign or coalition participation or leadership
  • Demonstrated ability to build partnerships with individuals and organizations across lines of traditional divide- including race, class, political ideology, and geography
  • Demonstrated success in moving diverse stakeholders to take action
  • Strong project management skills, with experience managing people and teams
  • Excellent listening, interpersonal, and relationship-building skills
  • In-depth knowledge of local community and grassroots organizations in San Antonio or Oakland
  • Strong working knowledge of issues affecting education equity or education adjacent expertise
  • Ability to make connections between information, people, and organizations – and relate it to the work of TNTP

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