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Job Details

Our Team:

  • We prioritize action through transparency, and expediency - we focus on outcome over process
  • We support and help one another to achieve our goals - we love pair programming
  • We acknowledge that innovation can come from anyone - we value curiosity, creativity, courage, and playfulness
  • Our motivation stems from having clarity of work and autonomy.
  • We are a very mission driven company and truly believe that we need to champion the champions to help the next generation
  • Constructive feedback, giving kudos for work well done, and encouraging one another helps us grow
  • We are domain driven, domain focused, and domain structured
  • We do not support Internet Explorer
  • We take ownership in the full lifecycle of our work: discovery, development, quality control, release, and post launch maintenance
  • Continuous Delivery allows us to move fast; Cool down sprints allow us to breathe

Primary Stack Focus:

  • Various Frontends: Node, VueJS, TailwindCSS, etc
  • Design system...

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