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SIC (Spiritually Inspired Content) seeks a freelance graphic designer with a appreciation (preferably love) of house and electronic music, who can collaborate and transform conceptual ideas into usable digital art files for the multitude of products SIC will offer.

SIC is a lifestyle brand rooted in the celebration and outward expression of the creativity, unity, energy and love at the center of the house music scene. SIC products will visually capture the heart and soul of the house lifestyle and scene. SIC will focus on street gear, gifts and souvenirs, artwork, wall prints and other novelty merchandise. Whether jamming out on your own in your home, living it up at a festival, clubbing into the wee hours of the morning, or socializing at a wicked after hours party, SIC products complement our clients’ adventurous and eclectic lives. As a tribute to the mental strength and fortitude brought by house music its fans, SIC products aim to highlight the core message in the music - peace... love, unity and respect - visually and emotionally. With a company focus on calling awareness to mental health self-care, SIC seeks to destigmatize mental illness through the celebration of the healing mental power of music, mainly house music

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