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Instructor (full-time) - 12 Month Contract Position


Coding Dojo is a global education technology company that offers a three-full-stack computer programming bootcamp, as well as courses on Data Science and other emerging technologies.

The innovative curriculum and Learning Management System are designed to train students to become self-sufficient developers, regardless of their technical background.

We also make it a mission to support underserved communities and increase diversity in the tech industry.

This position is a rare opportunity to join a rapidly growing company and make a positive impact in many people's lives.

At Coding Dojo we pride ourselves on possessing a culture of execution that caters to wave makers rather than wave riders.

If you're interested in joining a diverse and dynamic team who value speed, continuous improvement, measurement, focus, accountability, and always attacking the gap, you'll feel right at home at Coding... Dojo.


3 Years of relevant experience in education.

3 Years of relevant experience in programming / web development.

3 Years of relevant experience in specifically HTML/CSS/JavaScript and at least one of the following: Python, Node, Java, C#.


Deliver instruction on Web Development related topics (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Node, Java or C#)

Facilitate group discussions, demos, and in-class remote activities

Gather and report on student metrics

Work alongside Coding Dojo's Online Instruction team to deliver remote training

Responsible for potential deployment with any/multiple Coding Dojo clients with the ability to flex work and tasks based on client needs and requests

Prepare students for success by providing coaching in all aspects of their journey towards becoming critical thinkers and problem solvers

Day to day instruction of students, following a Coding Dojo curriculum, and instruction structure supplemented with your own professional experiences.

Implement state law policies relating to career / vocational schools, such as enforcing student attendance, the grading of assignments, etc.

Gather and report on student metrics

Participate in occasional project and curriculum development, as well as curriculum refinement

Participate in campus activities, including but not limited to: orientation, open houses, student events, graduations, and tech talks on topics of your interest

Participate in professional training, so you stay fresh

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