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Job Details

Ready to join a team of rockstars as an independent, freelance administrative virtual assistant?

We’re glad you are considering a career as an administrative virtual assistant, and we hope you will take a closer look at joining the Trusty Oak team. Being a VA has both challenges and rewards, and here at Trusty Oak, we strive to make the rewards outweigh the challenges by providing our team with everything needed to be successful.

Our VAs are independent freelancers, so they make their own schedules and choose which projects they want to take on. Plus, they can work from anywhere. It’s a pretty sweet gig, perfect for individuals with a professional background who want a flexible alternative to traditional employment.

Typical Tasks Might Include

  • Manage an email inbox and schedule appointments
  • Coordinate travel arrangements
  • Organize folders and files on Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Prepare estimates, proposals, and contracts
  • Update contacts in CRM/database

Minimum Requirements... To Apply

  • At least two years of experience in administrative assistance
  • U.S. permanent residence
  • A nerdy obsession with getting the details right the first time
  • A dependable computer (Mac or PC)
  • Access to high-speed internet and a dependable phone
  • A work environment conducive to working distraction-free
  • A desire to build a business as a virtual assistant without doing it alone
  • A commitment to never, ever “ghosting” a client or Trusty Oak — a cornerstone of the Trusty Oak difference
  • A positive attitude during challenging situations

How It Works

Our VAs join a connected team and receive many benefits. Our virtual assistants pay a $29 per month platform fee and receive:

  • Access to high-quality client opportunities
  • Software access (covered by platform fee), including a paid GSuite account, Canva Pro, Rippling for direct deposit paychecks, and more
  • One-on-one mentoring to help you grow as a virtual assistant
  • A Client Success Manager to help troubleshoot client issues
  • Regular trainings, lunch and learns, and resources
  • Competitive pay, starting at $18/hr with potential for up to $24/hr

Experience We’re Looking For

  • Project Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Invoicing and accounting
  • Inbox Management
  • Organize files
  • Customer Relationship Management software


We are looking for an enthusiastic individual who embodies our values at Trusty Oak. You’re a great fit for this position if these sound like you.

  • Keep growing: You’re willing to learn and grow. You’re a learner who sees challenges as opportunities. You know mistakes happen, but you don’t make the same one twice, treating each one as a welcome learning experience.
  • Serve leaders, change the world: No task is too small for you, and you feel motivated by purpose and mission.
  • Collaboration always wins: You know your best work doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You want to be part of a connected team and collaborate within it.
  • Communicate with transparency: You are honest and open, admitting weaknesses and inviting clear feedback. You’d rather over-communicate than miss something important.
  • Follow through on every commitment: You are detail-oriented and don’t let deadlines pass you by. You double-check your work and are committed to quality and consistency

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