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Job Details

What we're looking for

Stytch is the platform for user authentication. We build infrastructure that sits in the critical path of our customer's applications. As a backend engineer, you'll work on designing and building systems to be secure and highly reliable as well as building intuitive APIs for our customers.

What Excites You

  • A collaborative environment with a tight feedback loop between the work you do and the impact it has on users
  • Solving problems with pragmatic solutions — you know when to make trade offs between complexity and shipping quickly
  • Building products that make developers lives easier — as a back end engineer for a developer infrastructure company, what you build will have an immediate impact on our customers
  • Shaping the culture and growing the team through recruiting, mentorship, and establishing best practices
  • Learning new skills and technologies in a fast paced environment

What Excites Us

  • Familiarity with Go, Node, Kubernetes, gRPC
  • Experience... designing and building highly reliable back end systems
  • 6+ years as a back end engineer

What Success Looks Like

  • Technical — build new, highly reliable services that our customers can depend on
  • Ownership — advocate for projects and solutions that you believe in and ship them to production
  • Leadership — level up your teammates by providing mentorship and guidance

Our Tech Stack

  • Go for back end services
  • Node and Typescript for our web services
  • React on the front end
  • Swift for our iOS sdk and Kotlin for the Android sdk
  • We run on AWS with Kubernetes for containerization
  • gRPC and protobufs for internal service communication

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