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SALARY RANGE $55,000 - $85,000 USD

Roll20 is a free, community-based tabletop gaming software dedicated to bringing players together regardless of distance, experience, gaming system or hardware. We strive to lessen the technical burden on the participants, facilitate the formation of new gaming groups, and to make barriers to entry as few as possible when gathering around a table for camaraderie. To accomplish these goals we seek to create a service that is sustainable and will be a resource to the gaming community as long as it is needed.


Our 8 million players and the growing popularity of tabletop games have made Roll20 such an amazing success. Our community is passionate and ever expanding. The challenge is how we continue finding ways to support that community and find ways to be a resource for them. This role is a balance between community management and marketing skills.


Roll20 is looking for someone who is excited to guide and build up our... community. The community manager will engage with Roll20 users and the broader ttrpg community. They will work across cross functional teams to identify ways for us to bring further value to our users, develop and drive those initiatives, and strive to grow our community further.


  • Experience engaging with and growing a large online community.
  • Strong writing skills and experience publishing blog posts that drive site traffic.
  • Experience producing live streamed and recorded content to drive site traffic.
  • Experience monitoring, reporting on, and improving community sentiment; using data to inform community engagement initiatives.
  • Comfortable engaging with an online community through a diverse set of channels including but not limited to social media and forums.
  • Experience developing and driving marketing plans to promote product launches
  • An ability to build strong relationships with industry leaders and influencers and with adjacent communities.
  • An ability to collaborate in cross-functional teams and across professional disciplines (i.e. developers, product managers, operations, etc.)
  • Familiarity in working with growth teams/programs such as CRO, performance marketing.
  • Strong understanding of industry standards and best practices to drive a healthy, engaged user community
  • Experience around in-person and virtual event management both virtual and live, both as a participant and as an organizer.


  • Complete orientation, become familiar with basic internal operations, the product, and Roll20’s values.
  • Learn how we work in cross-functional teams and the charters that guide each teams’ work.
  • Learn how to work in Zendesk (such as to respond to XP technical tickets).
  • Learn how to work in Hubspot for email marketing, blogging, and landing pages.
  • Learn how to work in JIRA.
  • Learn the roles and skill sets of others within the Marketing team..


  • Learn how to promote Roll20 as a service, community touchpoint, publisher and licensor, marketplace, etc
  • Learn how to represent Roll20 in interviews, presentations, and events.
  • Be introduced to key figures throughout our community such as forum champions, publishers, and influencers.
  • Begin working with and within cross-functional team(s).
  • You will learn how agile methodologies are used at Roll20 and how to work on a cross-functional team.
  • Learn how to develop and drive marketing plans in collaboration with key stakeholders.
  • Learn how to use the product(s) such as the VTT, mobile app, and other site tools.


  • Learn how to leverage growth marketing and data analytics tools
  • Take on work and projects that allow you to increase your depth of skill and knowledge as a Community Manager and as a Marketer.
  • Identify opportunities & develop tactics to promote Roll20 in the tabletop RPG community.
  • Own reporting around community sentiment.
  • Develop and drive strategy to grow community and drive site traffic.


Roll20 staff, via coordination with Ritsuko Lifts LLC, are guided by company values that encourage diversity and inclusiveness. In line with company values, we provide competitive salaries and solid benefit packages, including health insurance, group life and personal accident insurance, short-term disability/long-term disability coverage, optional worksite insurance coverage, an employee assistance program, and a 401k with employer matching. We ensure staff have at least 3 weeks of vacation time away, in addition to sick leave, and flexible scheduling. We are a truly remote workplace (although we hope to get everyone together for a full company retreat once seeing people IRL is a safe thing again) and include equipment allowances for our staff to cultivate a functional working-from-home experience. We encourage applicants with non-traditional backgrounds to apply

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