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Looking to hire a virtual/personal assistant. This is currently a position that is a long term gig or side hustle, not full or part-time-- best for someone looking to pickup an extra few hours maxed at 5 hours a week.

There is one mandatory skill, the candidate must have Google Products and Workspace proficiency. Switching platforms and apps is not an option. I currently have 3 enterprises that at times overlap each other and run with these products.

It's important that the Candidate:

  • Knows the ins and outs of Google productivity apps like Tasks, Keep and Calendars.
  • Has experience affirming People of Color, Disability, Age, socio-economic status etc. within the LGBTQ+ community,.
  • Has research skills that extend to exploring social media (specifically you will be researching LGBTQ+ and environmental organizations)
  • Updating social media groups I run
  • Sending out emails
  • Updating calendars + scheduling interviews.

You can work on your own time schedule and if you're... interested, my business partners could all use a little assistance and you could pick up additional contract work with them.

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