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Employment of information security analysts is projected to grow 31 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. - U.S.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Interested in app development, video games, social media, phone devices, computers, and technology in general? Are you an active-duty soldier, military veteran, or dependent looking to enter the technology sector? Divergence Academy assists military veterans in translating their skills into highly sought-after IT roles in the technology industry. Even if you have no obvious prior tech experience, military veterans are likely to find rigorous training, teamwork, and problem solving skills to be very transferable to the technology industry. You should be a motivated learner.

Divergence Academy is a vocational career school that serves individuals and veterans looking to enter careers in AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Data Science. We are committed to assisting students achieve their goal of a career in the... field of data science and data engineering by providing quality career education, using the most up-to-date industry curriculum and materials, equipping learners for success. What’s in it for you? Fast Changing Industry. Information Technology careers evolve with innovation.

Stay current with your craft to enjoy a lucrative career.Accelerated Path to New Career. Time is precious.

New collar careers such as cyber technician, cloud administrator, and data engineer can be learned in a short amount of time compared to a 4-year degree in computer science.Industry Certifications Recognized by Employers.

A degree is not necessary to move into a career in high tech.

Employers hire and promote on industry-recognized certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, and more. Courses are offered throughout the year to accommodate your schedule. 10-week immersive courses and 20-week part-time courses. Divergence Academy (DA) proudly accepts GI Bill® funds. Please call, e-mail, or upload your resume. I look forward to discussing how Divergence Academy can assist in your successful transition to an Information Technology career. Stephanie HarboeAdmissions Representative - Eaststephanie.harboe@divergence.one(757) 912-5430 (Eastern)833-7DIVERG (9a-6p Central)https://divergence.one/ Technology Vocational Academy, Data Science, Data Analytics, Veterans, Entry Level, Administration, Supply Chief, Logistics, Special Operations, Transportation, Infantry, Signal Corps, Electronic Warfare, Cyber Warfare, Cyberspace Operations, Intelligence, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Aviation, Air Defence, Artillery

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