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This part-time remote role presents a unique opportunity to deliver and shape a college class to a national consortium of colleges. You will be responsible for developing and delivering our Application Development I course in the Fall 2021 semester for the LCMC, a national consortium of colleges representing over 150,000 students, in addition to teaching a section of our Introduction to Programming in Python course, although this is optional given your skillset and availability.

These shared virtual classes are a new initiative, and are growing quickly. Because of this growth this opportunity has the following benefits:

  • Exceptional instructional design and instructor support
  • The opportunity to rapidly expand the scale and impact of the course over the next two academic years, with scaling pay
  • The opportunity to help students from across the country build professional skills and portfolios to match

This course already has a developed syllabus, and you are welcome to leverage... Open Educational Resources so you will not need to build the course from scratch, however, you will have license to shape the course to your vision. Depending on the success of the course, this role may lead to additional work in instruction and course development and teaching.

Main deliverables for the role:

  • Revised course syllabus meeting pedagogical standards
  • Course materials including curated content, assessments, projects and lessons plans - templates and detailed examples will be provided
  • Teaching the course for the Fall semester (7th of September to the 10th of December) with one 90 minute section each week (Mondays, 12-1:30pm EST).
  • Optional teaching of our Intro to Python Programming course that runs over the same dates, with weekly class on Mondays at 7-8:30pm EST.
  • The additional opportunity to develop and deliver Application Development II in the Spring semester.


  • $3,000 for development of materials
  • $3,000 per section taught

Our courses all share the following attributes:

  • Fully virtual
  • Optional-synchronous classes (students can substitute live class attendance with an assignment)
  • Flipped classrooms, where the majority of the 90-minute class uses active learning
  • Projects over exams where possible, to help students build a portfolio of work
  • Frequent discussions and opportunities for collaboration
  • Strong acknowledgement of industry practices, to prepare students for employment
  • Free (open source) or low-cost course materials

Desired Experience and Qualifications

  • A master's degree or higher in web development, computer science, or other relevant field or 10 or more years of professional experience in the application development space. Please Note, this is a firm requirement.
  • Specific experience with the following topic areas:
  • Building simple web applications from scratch using HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript
  • Building web applications using Django (optional but preferred)
  • The course description can be found here. The second course, which is running in the spring, can be found here.
  • Experience as an educator - you’ve built and taught courses, preferably at the college level. You have a passion for teaching and helping students learn.
  • Not sure if you’re a fit? Go ahead and drop us a line, if you care about helping people learn, we’d love to hear from you!

About the LCMC (

‍The LCMC is a national consortium of over 80 fully accredited, non-profit colleges and universities formed in 2015 under the leadership of Lasell University President Michael Alexander. The LCMC hopes to develop new models of higher education that benefit students while simultaneously contributing to the sustainability of accredited, non-profit, 4-year institutions.

Our model for this is simple: we partner with leading academics to create courses which are delivered virtually to colleges within the consortium. These shared programs enable our colleges to serve a more diverse group of students, and allow us to expand into subject areas we could not otherwise afford, all while preserving the small classroom, faculty-led environment our schools were founded upon.

We have 22 available collaborative LCMC degree programs to date, created in partnership with Dr. Charles Severance (U of M), Dr. Rudi Leuschner (Rutgers), Professor Mala Chandra (UW), Dr. Bob Barnes (Duke), and more. We have passed 100 of these shared programs through the faculty governance processes at LCMC schools, with an additional 50 schools working toward offering at least one collaborative degree program by Fall 2021.

This course sits within our larger collaborative program in Computer Science, which has already been adopted by over 10 colleges across the country, with many more currently working the program through their respective faculty governance channels. Based on this traction, we believe that this course and program will impact the learning experiences of thousands of college students nationally in the years to come.

We are scaling this initiative quickly and our mission is simple: empower students with demonstrable, employable skills while bringing their cost of education down. This is a unique opportunity to shape how a large body of students take their first steps into the field of computer science, within the collegiate system

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