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Udacity's mission is to train the world’s workforce in the careers of the future. We partner with leading companies to learn how technology is transforming industries, then teach the critical tech skills that individuals need for new and better jobs, and companies are looking for in their workforce. With Nanodegree programs ranging from AI and Azure to Data Science, Robotic Process Automation, and Cybersecurity, our online training platform helps even the busiest learners prepare themselves for the most in-demand tech roles.

Udacity's unique learning model of real-world projects and experts and mentors available 24/7 enables an unprecedented degree of engagement with our students, and we are with them through every step of their learning journey—from the first moment a marketing team member might answer a question, to the penultimate moment when a career team member receives word that a graduate has gotten a new job. Always putting Students First guides us as we continue our mission... to bring the highest quality learning possible, to as many learners as we can possibly reach.

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Position overview:

Udacity is seeking a talented Tutor/Mentor to manage and facilitate an online/blended Front-End Development Learning program. These programmes are run in partnership with a leading institute in Uzbekistan. (Type of employment: contract/remote).

Students are expected to study an estimated 10 hours on their Nanodegree programs on their own, as a Tutor/Mentor you will be expected to respond to their technical questions and check-in with them to make sure they are making progress and conduct online webinars when needed.

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Required skills/qualifications:

  • Residence in Uzbekistan is a plus
  • Fluent in Uzbek and English is a must
  • 2+ years of working experience in Full stack web Development
  • Proficiency in Python.
  • Proficiency writing and reading SQL queries and working experience with DBMS like MySQL and SQLAlchemy.
  • Proficiency in HTML5.
  • Proficiency in CSS3.
  • Proficiency in JavaScript.
  • Strong knowledge about the RESTful API structure.
  • Strong knowledge about access and authorization handling (jwt tokens/Auth0/hashing)
  • Strong knowledge about Python Web frameworks especially Flask & Django.
  • Good knowledge about at least 1 Frontend Framework (Angular/React/Vue).
  • Good knowledge about CSS Preprocessors like SASS or LESS.
  • Overall Understanding of the basics of NodeJS and ExpressJS.


  • Provide technical support for students on the community platform
  • Facilitate content for students who get stuck in learning
  • Participate in organizing community activities to ensure a fun and engaging learning environment
  • Share interesting extracurricular information, such as content-related news articles to enrich the personal and professional aspects of the community

Why should you apply?

  • Work remotely as an External Contractor
  • Earn additional income
  • Contribute to a vibrant, international student community
  • Stay updated with the latest in cutting-edge technologies

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