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We are looking for a mid-level and Sr DevOps Automation Engineer for a great organization based in the Southeast! The roles are completely remote and full-time, salaried positions with full benefits.

As a part of the team, you will assist with automation initiatives in AWS for Containers, Serverless, using AWS native automation tools (Cloud Formation, OpsWorks/chef, ECS, EKS/Fargate). You will also work with the Azure platform including PaaS. You will build and deploy automated software deployment pipelines, infrastructure-as-code, configuration management, monitoring tools, and various automated tasks to increase reliability.

This position will focus on AWS Cloud Infrastructure automation and operation. Strong background as a Software Developer with expertise in application level automation using standard DevOps tools comparable in both Cloud platforms like Jenkins, Ansible, Bitbucket, Chef, Terraform experience are a most to have.

  • 3-5+ years of Technical DevOps developing... automation code (CICD) experience.

  • 4+ years of experience working in Software Engineering.

  • Skills in programming languages such as Python, Java, Groovy, PowerShell, json, .net, or similar.

  • 3-5+ years of Systems Orchestration/CICD - Jenkins is required - any other tools would be a plus including Octopus, Ansible, Git (Bitbucket), Artifactory

  • Must have deep knowledge of Linux distros (Ubuntu/CentOS): deployment, management, solving issues on the platform and security.

-3+ years’ experience with Infrastructure as Code tools, including experience with Terraform (Mandatory).

Experience should be with building platforms, not just managing environments.

  • Minimum 3+ years hands on experience in AWS operations with focus in automation. (Opsworks/Chef (Mandatory), AWS IAM, AWS Lambda, EC2, Load Balancer, Serverless Framework, AWS RDS, Aurora, Postgres, MSSQL)

  • Experience on application-level automation development mainly on .net, java, react, Node.js, serverless technology desired.

  • 2+ years’ Experience with orchestration/automation with container engines such as Kubernetes and Docker

  • Experience building cloud solutions through the console in AWS and using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) pipelines


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