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We are a Seed stage Y Combinator startup revolutionizing the way college students break into the workforce.

We're building a network that connects students to part-time paid freelance work, ending the need to take on unpaid internships to prove talent & ability.

We're looking for go-getters, team players, and big thinkers that want to cut their teeth on a cutting-edge product.

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The Job is looking for our founding backend software engineer.

As part of a small, dynamic team, you will have the chance to design and build a backend architecture that can scale from 50k to 500k users and beyond. You will work directly with our CTO to identify, evaluate, and integrate new technologies; and be in the same room as our product team as we execute on our roadmap.

We are looking for someone who is seeking the challenge and excitement of a fast-paced startup environment, is deeply pragmatic, and desires to set the stage for the next phase of our growth.

Areas... you'd be in charge of:

Make important architectural decisions and lead our backend development as our team, customers, and product grow.

Backend: Optimize and expand a database and api that scales, expand our usage of 3rd party APIs (Stripe, HubSpot, Sendgrid), identify and integrate new tools/frameworks when needed.

DevOps: Improve and Develop CI/CD process and observability, develop a robust QA/Testing process, lead GCP -> AWS migration

You might be a fit if you have:

  • 3+ years of software development experience
  • Proficiency in AWS, Kubernetes, NodeJS, Database architecture
  • Experience in continuous deployment/integration, site reliability
  • Worked across a codebase at a similar or later stage company
  • Passion to join an energetic, close-knit, growing team

Bonus Points:

  • Have a passion for education and/or freelancing
  • Have front-end web or mobile development experience (and might interested in full-stack)
  • Exposure to standard InfoSec practices
  • Experience with GCP and MongoDB


Our frontend is written in React and React Native w/ Redux.

Our backend tech stack includes GCP (Migrating to AWS), Kubernetes (GKE), RethinkDB (JSON document database), ElasticSearch, NodeJS,

Engineering problems we're solving:

Building out a more scalable deployment/QA pipeline, migrating cloud providers to AWS, migrating databases from RethinkDB to MongoDB, identifying and addressing site reliability issues.

Why us?

  • Help fix a broken system by proving there is an alternative to exclusionary unpaid internships. We believe that everyone should have a chance to let their talents grow, not just those who can afford to spend semesters without earning a living wage.
  • Leave your mark on a growing company, named a Top Tech Startup in Providence two years in a row. We're small enough to fit everyone's face on a Zoom call, but we're tackling an issue for millions of students across the country.
  • Work in a multidisciplinary environment alongside extremely talented engineers, UI/UX designers, creatives, and salespeople; solving exciting problems

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