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Do you want to LOVE what you get to do every day?

Are you living out your passion?

Are you motivated & looking to create a lifestyle with abundance working from anywhere at any time?


Own your own business through the fastest growing health and wellness business in the world (voted #1 in Health & Wellness by Fortune Magazine in 2020). BEST "YES" you will ever say!

I said "YES" three years ago, and it's DEFINITELY THE BEST YES I HAVE EVER SAID! I am looking for partners....Reach out! It will be worth a conversation! One I am thankful every day that I had!

  • NYSE company for over 40 years.

  • Researched by many major hospitals and centers all over the country including Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Mayo Clinic, and Cleveland Clinic.

  • Be in business for yourself but not by yourself. This is an apprenticeship so you earn as you learn.

  • 100% Remote.

  • Part time or full time - your choice.

  • USA, Singapore or Hong Kong.

  • Amazing... positive and uplifting community.

  • Your income is determined by your actions and efforts.

  • Simple duplicatable business model.

  • Worth a conversation. It changed my life...why not yours?

I am helping hundreds of people create the life of their dreams.

Could this be you?

No experience necessary only the desire to help others.



Lisa Dibsie

Owner, CEO & Certified Health & Wellness Coach

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