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Job Details

The acquisitions analyst will be responsible for analyzing investment opportunities and making buying and pricing recommendations to the management team. The position requires a strong understanding of various local California real estate market SFR assets. A thorough understanding of market conditions, rehab estimating, rehab duration, cost of money and other factors that affect SFR value is required. Ability to develop and use pricing and modeling tools in excel is required for this role. This position requires a high degree of attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure.

This position has the potential for high upward mobility into an underwriting manager role.

Desirable candidates should have significant experience in appraisals, BPO, or underwriting of SFR properties.


  • Exhibit and uphold Osborne Homes core values of open-mindedness, urgency, accountability, transparency, and innovation at all times
  • Ability to take quick decisions and see... opportunity where others may not
  • Ability to use averages and factors in absence of perfect information
  • Comfortable pricing risk
  • Accurately forecast asset and market pricing and movement
  • Accurately underwrite 15-20 plus deals daily, sometimes under pressure


  • Single Family Real Estate Pricing Experience preferred
  • Bachelors degree in the analytical field of study preferred
  • Real Estate Appraisal, BPO, Underwriting Experience REQUIRED

About Company

Osborne Homes was founded in 2007 with its first office in Fresno. As real estate investors, we have extensive experience in professionally assessing a property’s value in any given market. Our highly qualified team is dedicated to helping homeowners sell their property for cash, fairly and quickly. We have purchased, rehabbed, and sold over 2,500 properties in California. Our main office is now in Orange County (Newport Beach, CA

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