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Thrive is one of the fastest growing and top digital marketing agencies in the world. We are a full-service agency that handles everything in-house and delivers massive and sustainable growth to our business partners and clients. We think about our work in two words; Relationships and Results.

President Matt Bowman founded Thrive in 2005 and has grown the company to over two hundred employees in thirty-eight different states and thirteen different countries. We have a deeply rooted talented team (respectfully referred to as Thrivers) of project managers, web designers, content writers, social media specialists, and search engine optimization specialists. We are a close-knit team that is motivated, smart, disciplined and committed to turning ideas into actions.

We now have new headquarters located in Arlington, Texas and have a new and exciting opportunity for a Manager of Link Building to join the team. (and you can live anywhere in the country!).


Through living Thrive’s work mantra, serve as manager and primary accountability for the success of our link building service. Ensure client satisfaction and ROI. Know your craft and stay on top of changes in the industry.

Client Relationship Management: Understand and own client goals. Maintain and build relationships with key client staff to maintain optimal retention rate and client satisfaction. Constantly create “Client Delight” by providing high levels of customer service.

Responsibilities Department Manager

  • Participate in cross-functional meetings to help the team coalesce, frame, and produce the best ideas into clients’ backlink campaigns for a strategic approach.
  • Work with internal SEO Strategists to implement the client’s backlink strategy, content alignment, and reporting that would ultimately impact the client’s ranking position in SERPs.
  • Design and implement a strategic plan for backlink campaigns relevant to clients’ needs and goals.
  • Manage and execute integrated backlink campaigns using diverse tactics for link placement.
  • Track campaigns’ records using key performance indicators and other campaign parameters to report success metrics and evaluate the effectiveness based on backlink campaign metrics.
  • Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for flawless campaign execution.
  • Prepare monthly KPIs and revenue records for the department to meet quarterly goals and sustained department growth.
  • Lead, support, and coordinate internal team’s activities to support SEO Strategists as well as direct clients of the Link Building Department.
  • Be personally responsible for monitoring regularly and reaching your quota of client hours each month with zero carryover hours. Discuss with the manager in advance if billable hours will not be met.

Responsibilities in Department Development

  • Develop services and practices to diversify the agency’s offering in the off-page SEO department.
  • Support the Sales team in implementing strategic client engagement and strategy plans for backlink campaigns.
  • As needed - Give support during layout and production of proposals and qualifications packages for potential client calls.
  • As needed - Research potential clients to provide a strategic approach and correct service offering during sales activities.
  • As needed - Participate in strategy calls and sales calls to support the Sales team’s activities.

Responsibilities as Specialist

  • Develop tactics and repeatable methodologies to successfully acquire brand mentions and links for a variety of niches.
  • Strategize, coordinate, build, execute, monitor, report, and analyze link building campaigns for our clients.
  • Research and identify opportunities across the Web for our clients to gain exposure.
  • Prepare content for guest posting campaigns at scale, meeting deadlines on a weekly basis.
  • Contact and build relationships with other websites and blog owners on behalf of our clients.
  • Create emails that convey our client’s value proposition and engage recipients to the point where they want to promote our brands.
  • Stay abreast of new link building strategies and regularly contribute new tactics and ideas to the team.
  • Review outreach and response templates to ensure messages adhere to both the client’s brand and quality standards.
  • Communicate effectively and consistently via email, telephone, and social media to optimize your link placement rates.
  • Competitive Analysis: Research and analyze competitor websites and the link building approach.
  • Keyword Research: Perform keyword research (discovery and expansion) in coordination with client business objectives.

Responsibilities as Digital PR Specialist

  • Develop digital PR plans for clients based on their marketing and link-building goals.
  • Design and build clients’ linkable assets optimized for public relations campaigns.
  • Lead digital public relations projects managed in the department as appropriate, including research, analysis, and planning.
  • Research and identify editorial opportunities for our clients’ media coverage and brand exposure.
  • Contact and build media relationships with news outlets, influencers, and bloggers to leverage clients’ brand voice and assets.
  • Generate press releases that would support clients’ marketing initiatives to promote their product, service, or brand.
  • Report on digital PR campaigns.

Responsibilities Client Relationship Manager

  • Client Relationship Management: Collaborate with the client, account manager, and/or SEO specialist to understand and own clients’ marketing goals.
  • Maintain and build relationships with key client staff to maintain optimal retention rate and client satisfaction.
  • Create complete client profiles and documentation related to their strategy, competition, niche, location, measurable outcomes, and assessment of current link-building activities and backlink profile.
  • Prepare campaign reports for clients and internal SEO specialists.
  • Promptly respond to clients asking questions or expressing concerns about the perceived progress of clients’ backlink campaigns.


  • Have a minimum of 3 years link building, outreach and digital public relations experience.
  • Have experience managing a team, reviewing and reporting financial statements and department KPIs.
  • Worked with sales teams and prospects to set expectations, provide sales assets and present materials to assist in closing deals.
  • Project management skills - working with many different departments to ensure success.
  • Time management and organization skills - being able to 'own' the success and KPIs of the department.
  • Vendor management skills.
  • Strong client facing skills - account management, sales or customer service backgrounds.
  • Agency experience preferred.
  • Managing high-volume inbound links campaigns with exceptional turnaround for a wide array of verticals and industries.
  • Demonstrated experience to apply link acquisition for different strategic goals.
  • Basic knowledge of foundational SEO - strong understanding of how link building impacts Domain Authority, trust signals, and other SEO ranking factors and can explain this fluently.

Thrive recognizes employees in many ways for their contributions and their commitment to the organization. One such way is by offering a very comprehensive benefits package. This includes a competitive salary, a bonus structure, and a strong benefit program that includes, health, dental, disability, vision and life insurance benefits. At Thrive, we want to ensure all of our employees stay healthy, feel secure, and maintain a strong work/life balance

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