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Community Manager - Networks (Remote)

For the past 10+ years, Carbon has set the standard for high quality, high performing ad networks. With 1,200+ websites, our network is privacy focused, highly curated around the web design/web development space, has pioneered a tasteful and sleek ad format, and only renders ads that are contextually relevant to the websites content.

Today, we’re creating a new role and are looking to invest in our network to make it even stronger. We’re hiring for a Community Manager to come aboard and help us both grow our network & create a sense of community amongst our publishers. After all, they’re the creators and do-ers of today & tomorrow :)

If you’re interested in joining our mission to support publishers and help them do what they love most -- create great content -- come aboard and help us support our awesome publishers.

What You’ll Be Working On

  • Find and recruit awesome websites for the BuySellAds Carbon and Native ad networks, like... getBootstrap.com, Dribbble, and Feedly who are already part of the BSA family
  • Work with existing publishing partners to help them make more $$$
  • Communicate internal stakeholders/clients’ needs and expectations
  • Build awareness of our networks and BuySellAds on the web within the developer/designer/creator communities
  • Actively participate in the community & collect feedback and pain points that publishers are experiencing… and then work with our team to make improvements
  • Collaborate with internal teams at BSA like Advertiser Sales, Publisher Management and Marketing

Sound like you?

  • Articulate, charismatic, and all of the associated personality traits of a likable human being. If you possess these traits we’ll get along fine :D
  • A strong knowledge and interest in what’s new and emerging in the realm of web development and web design
  • Organized, detailed-oriented, and proactive
  • Experience working for a publisher, or running a publication (blog / content driven site) is a HUGE plus
  • Enjoy working remotely


Amazing. We'd love to talk. Send us your resume and a cover letter telling us why you'd like to join our team.

We do our best to make the hiring process fair and straightforward: we do an initial meet-and-greet Zoom screen, and follow with a team pairing to make sure our culture makes sense. We move quickly on decisions, and we aim to respond to every applicant and provide feedback where appropriate: even if we aren’t the right fit for each other, we want you to know rather than have to second-guess

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