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I’m Allison Conte and I am in service to divine wholeness. My mission is to help humanity come
into right relationship with all that is sacred (including the sacred earth); balance the
Masculine/Feminine energies; and use power wisely. I do this through group training programs,
and working privately with clients as an executive coach, author, speaker, facilitator and
At Sophia Leadership, we believe that women will be the determining factor in creating the
“More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible.” We are committed to ushering in a new
paradigm of peace, equality and environmental sustainability by developing and resourcing the
women who will lead the way.
I named my company after Sophia, one of many names for the Feminine aspect of the Divine.
Her name, which means wisdom in Greek, has its roots in Gnosticism, Christianity and Judaism.
Carl Jung recognized the myth of Sophia as being important to the individual's search for
wholeness, and to the cultural... and spiritual potential of humanity. Sophia reminds us of the
importance of doing the inner work of growing in maturity by integrating our own Masculine
and Feminine qualities.
Although my spiritual path honors all wisdom traditions, I am personally devoted to the Sacred
Feminine, and was ordained as a priestess in the Sophia Lineage in 2013. Since 2000, I have
studied intensively in the areas of integral spirituality, shamanism, energy work and mysticism
and integrate this into the work I do with my clients.

I live in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado, with my husband, JT. Together, we run a
nonprofit spiritual community and resource called Sanctuary for Sacred Union. I love hiking,
skiing, and spending time in the mountains, camping or exploring. I have two grown children
whom I adore, as well.
I’m looking to partner with an experienced Virtual Assistant to support me in my growing online
businesses. The right person for this role is looking for a long-term partnership and excited to
support (1) the business with administrative tasks; (2) support my clients and community; (3)
me so I can focus on what I love to do.
I’m looking for someone who is excited about my mission and the work I’m doing in the world.
The right person for this role sees herself as an expert in what she does and shows up in our
relationship with love and compassion and desire to support in a way that’s synergetic with me,
and not rigid. She is a self-starter, proactive thinker, doesn’t mind working independently, takes
ownership and is happy/eager to figure things out. I’m looking for someone who is fiercely
protective of my time and is excited to take things off my plate so I can be free to have a bigger
impact in the world.
The right person for this role loves to create systems and organization in my business but also
isn’t afraid to do things differently, think outside the box, or “go with the flow” when necessary.
I’m looking for someone with some technical experience or ability to navigate around online
systems, and a solid understanding of online-business... and brings this expertise to support
me and my business.
Business and administrative support:
● Create and maintain an organized ‘virtual office’ so we can efficiently work together
(project management tool, organization of documents and online systems)
● Make basic website updates (mostly text updates and blog posting) when necessary
● Create and send broadcast emails and manage my email and teaching platform
(Mailchimp and Ruzuku)
● Track and manage important business information such as: Leads, client payments, client
program details, etc.

● Proactively track and support various projects in moving forward by identifying the steps
that need to happen, collecting information needed from me, and taking ownership to
see them through to completion
● Source and work with other outside contractors as needed to complete tasks and
● Create and document processes/templates for the business and proactively look for
areas of improvement
Client support:
● Manage the main company email and respond to inquiries and questions within 24
hours (M-F)
● Support with client onboarding including signing agreements, scheduling calls, arranging
● Own all customer inquiries / issues through to 100% completion with a focus on warm
service, caring support, and a representation of my brand and my message
● Provide client support during programs including tracking program components,
scheduling calls, sending program reminders, and handling logistical details of program
Support for me:
● Help me stay organized and use my time and energy efficiently
● Proactively identify things I shouldn’t be doing and come up with a way to get them off
my plate
● Always close open loops so I never have to wonder what is happening with a
● Proactively identify ways you can support me personally with things like sending gifts,
keeping track of important dates for the people in my life, making travel arrangements,
and taking care of other personal tasks that you might be able to help me with
● 2+ years’ experience as a Virtual Assistant working in an online business
● Up to date knowledge of commonly used online business platforms such as:
o Asana
o Google business tools (Email, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.)
o Mailchimp
o Squarespace (for simple website updates)
o Zoom Conference

o And a general knowledge of other online platforms that could be implemented to
increase efficiencly

● Experience documenting and maintaining systems, checklists and step-by-step processes
● Strong written and verbal communication skills with a willingness to communicate
openly and give/receive feedback
● Technical experience to navigate simple tasks in online based platforms (or be
happy/eager to figure something out)
● A proven track record of creative and efficient problem solving as well as on-time
delivery of projects
● Have an ability to plan ahead and organize information and logistics to bring us closer to
our goal
● Love working alongside a visionary and spiritual leader, aren’t afraid to be innovative, try
out new ideas, and work through uncertainty
● Consider yourself to be a creative and efficient problem solver, embrace challenges and
proactively identify solutions when issues arise
● Take personal responsibility for your part in team breakdowns, and are committed to
sorting through conflict in a way that honors and respects all parties
● Have a strong leadership style and confidence to show up as the expert that you are by
sharing ideas, asking questions and proactively offering suggestions
● Take 100% ownership in your work, take initiative to identify things that need to be done
before being asked to do them, can work independently, and are an expert at closing
loops or keeping me updated so I’m never left wondering
● Can see the big picture and don’t need to have all of the details before taking action on a
● Wake up every morning eager to serve and support and are committed to delivering
high quality work
This is an independent contractor position and a new role. To start, I’m estimating a time
commitment of approximately 15-20 hours per month. However, I am looking for someone who
has the space to grow with my business and take on more responsibilities (and dedicate more
time) when needed. I understand that as an independent contractor you set your own fees.

In an email to with “Sophia Leadership Virtual Assistant” in the
subject line, please let me know what called you to express interest in this role, two things that
make you a great fit and how you charge for your support (your hourly or set fee). Please also
include your Kolbe A Index results (my Kolbe is 7-3-8-3). If there’s a good fit, we’ll reach out and
schedule a time to speak live

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