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Job Details

The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential (GCAPP) is seeking to hire a Director of Evaluation & Research. This is a new position for the organization.

The Director is responsible for the overall strategic direction, leadership, development and management of a meaningful outcomes measurement, organizational learning, research, and evaluation system that enables GCAPP to powerfully examine its impact in the state. They are responsible for strengthening GCAPP’s capacity to assess all aspects of programs, trainings, and health communications, to identify promising practices in program content and delivery, to support strategic improvement efforts, and to evaluate the impact of GCAPP activities on the health and well-being of Georgia’s youth. Collaborating closely with their peers and staff across the organization, the Director will facilitate the development, implementation, monitoring and reporting of appropriate effectiveness indicators established to thoughtfully assess... the performance of programmatic initiatives; and support the staff in developing the capacity to lead evidence-based, accountable programs and trainings. In addition to monitoring internal processes, the Director will monitor population-level health indicators and collect data on relevant components of adolescent health and its determinants to inform GCAPP’s policy and advocacy initiatives.

This position will oversee the chain of events required for data-driven decision-making including data collection, analyses, access, and utilization. Additionally, this position will design, implement, and manage internal research and evaluation projects intended to create knowledge about organizational best practices, which will be shared internally to assist with decision making and organizational learning and externally to advance GCAPP’s efforts at positively impacting the lives of adolescents in Georgia.

Primary Key Responsibilities

· Lead the overall direction, strategies, and priorities of program evaluation teams.

· Serve a key role in the overall strategy management process. Also support the leadership team in the development and implementation of strategic and tactical plans, as well as general management of the organization

· Lead staff and other key stakeholders in establishing metrics for all programs --including effectiveness indicators and operational benchmark tracking plans that flow from the strategic plan and overarching organizational goals.

· Work cooperatively with Resource Development and the Programs & Training Departments in securing funding for organization.

· Manage contracts and relationships with evaluation vendors and contractors.

· Oversee the development and implementation of program evaluation activities including data collection systems, longitudinal evaluation, and all contracts and activities relating to program evaluation and research.

· Ensure the development of strategies and operational and outcome metrics for the organization to assure impact.

· Lead organizational effort to gather, manage, and utilize data in planning and goal setting and oversee the central management and storage of programmatic, operational, and outcome data.

· Identify and create a range of tools and resources needed for use in the gathering and management of monitoring and evaluation systems (e.g., forms, surveys, schedules, technology, and information-sharing processes)

· Integrate supplementary data sources and indicators of measuring success aligned with programmatic outcomes.

· Conduct qualitative data collection efforts to identify and assess program theory, the specific strategies and action steps taken by staff to implement programs, and the barriers and challenges to implementation.

· Develop streamlined data accessibility and reporting systems & processes.

· Utilize data visualization techniques to advance data utilization and literacy among staff and partners.

· Provide periodic reports to Development and Communications staff for fundraising and marketing purposes and to Finance staff for grants management and compliance purposes.

· Provide data analyses and narratives for grant proposals and funding reports as needed.

· Provide periodic recommendations to support Continuous Quality Improvement and program performance.

· Disseminate research and evaluation findings through appropriate channels.

· Establish and direct GCAPP’s annual research agenda. Serve as the lead data analyst for GCAPP overseeing all data analyses.

· Serve as principal investigator for organization research not requiring outside experts.

· Supervise external evaluators, interns, and university partnerships supporting GCAPP’s evaluation projects.

· Conduct data analyses using appropriate statistical methodologies to further organizational learning and inform decision-making.

· Provide periodic recommendations to support Continuous Quality Improvement and program performance.

· Provide data analysis for grant proposals and funding reports as needed.

· Stay abreast of trends related to adolescent health & development, measuring impact and effectiveness, social science research and strategic learning.

· Consult on the development and pilot selection and oversee the testing and evaluation of new programs.

· Develop and manage a centralized database that integrates population-level health indicators, social determinants of health, and GCAPP’s program and outcome data.

· Embed continuous learning and reflective practices in the organization that will enable staff to regularly review the progress of strategies, track external trends and make course corrections as needed.

· Increase the capacity of staff to produce reports for the board, funders, communications, and other target audiences that highlight the organization’s impact and unique contributions in the community by translating the evaluation information into easily understandable stories that reflect the organization’s unique value.

· Oversee the development of necessary systems, processes, and tools to better support the facilitation, collection, and sharing of knowledge that is generated.

· Increase the capacity of GCAPP staff to develop and test theories of action and create plans that include goals, objectives, evaluations, and measurement systems.

· Assist staff in developing strategies, goals, and objectives consistent with GCAPP’s strategic plan and annual work plans.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

· Demonstrated ability to translate research into practical lessons.

· Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills with the ability to explain complex analysis and data in a clear and simple manner.

· Exceptional skills in the areas of interpersonal interactions, professional discretion, confidentiality, and accountability

· High degree of initiative and strategic problem solving.

· Strong interest in and understanding of GCAPP’s mission.

· Able to work effectively as part of a small, proactive team.

· Ability to work for extended days and on weekends during critical points in program cycles or for major planned events.

· Highly organized multi-tasker who can manage competing priorities.

· Willingness to travel, when appropriate

· Expertise in qualitative and quantitative methodologies, constructing theories of change, and designing data feedback loops.

· Strategic thinker

· Strong customer service, interpersonal and collaboration skills

· Solid judgement and ability to handle confidential information and situations.

· Sharp organizational and time-management skills

· Attention to detail and accuracy.

· Able to formulate a clear point of view.

· Embraces diversity.

· Successfully manages complex, emerging projects.

· Collegiate, team player, organized, good listener.

· Proactive with a strong sense of initiative and ability to work independently.

· Ability to work with strong personalities and different work styles.

· Ability to meet critical deadlines.

Education and Experience

· Master’s degree required; Ph.D. preferred

· Minimum of three years’ experience in research/evaluation and using data to drive decision-making and organizational learning

· Proven experience working with databases, expertise with statistical applications, and experience in current qualitative analysis technique

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