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< p >< strong > Director of Internal Audit < /strong >< /p >

< p > Our client in the Lehigh Valley area is looking for a Director of Internal Audit for a contract role. As a Director of Internal Audit, you will be responsible for auditing the various records and processes of the credit, to evaluating compliance with sound business and financial practices, regulatory requirements, accounting standards, and to assess the degree of integrity of the accounting and other records. This role is 100% Remote/p >

< p >< strong >Responsibilities of Director of Internal Audit < /strong >< /p >

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< li > Prepares an annual budget request for the Internal Audit department.

< li > Develops a comprehensive risk-based audit plan schedule covering laws, regulations, policies, procedures, practices and internal controls

< li > Conducts spot reviews of financial data and supporting records regarding material assets, net worth, liabilities, income, required allowance for loan loss balance and... expenditures to determine the reliability and integrity of such data.

< li > Performs operational and compliance audits and prepares reports for the Supervisory Committee and management concerning scope of audit, conditions found, and any recommended corrective measures.

< li > Maintains audit work papers to evidence the audit work performed and the material facts supporting the conclusions reported.

< li > Cooperates with the External Auditors and Examiners, assisting as appropriate, in the conduct of their audits and examinations

< li > Effectively monitor and control factors such as risk, efficiency, and profitability.

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< p > If you are interested in this or similar Director of Internal Audit roles please roles please contact Bernadette Komatick at 484.254.9060 for further information < /p

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