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The Small Planet Institute is currently seeking an energetic and motivated associate to join our dynamic team. This is a unique opportunity to work directly with Frances Moore Lappé, author of 20 books, including best-selling Diet for a Small Planet, in a small organization doing groundbreaking work to inspire and empower passionate action for democracy system and environmental policy reforms in the United States.


Tens of millions of Americans across every state are actively pursuing initiatives to fix our broken democracy. Their combined energies, we call the Democracy Movement. It is truly a movement of movements drawing together Americans with diverse issue-passions—from social justice to climate change to labor rights. All understand that none of their specific goals can be met without real democracy removing the grip of big money in politics, protecting and furthering voting rights, and ensuring and equal voice for all via fair redistricting and... more. Trouble is, most of us have no idea this is happening—a blindness contributing to resignation and even despair.

So the Democracy Initiative, with members representing 50 million Americans, and the Small Planet Institute partnered to meet a critical need: To create one energizing, on-line meeting-and-inspiration hub for the movement. Here, visitors can instantly grasp and be uplifted by the breadth and depth of the Movement, immediately feeling more powerful and less isolated as they find allies and meaningful action. www.DemocracyMovement.US


Scheduling is flexible—we're willing to work around other commitments. We ask for a commitment of 8 hours per week during 9am-5pm EST weekdays, which could expand depending on funding and work load. We are seeking to fill this position as soon as possible.


● Strong skills with WordPress are required for website maintenance and management.

● A background in democracy reforms is needed, particularly as it relates to advocating to restore the core principles of democracy and political equality in the United States—so that all Americans can participate fully and freely in the democratic process.

● Strong project management skills and experience are necessary, particularly in organizing and tracking details, e-files, and timelines.

● Excellent communication skills are needed, including experience with social media, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

● Experience and skills in intern supervision are preferred, including delegation of projects and ongoing support.

● Comfortable with teamwork and individual work, and able participate in an open exchange of ideas with team.

● Ability to excel with minimal direction and supervision, and also able to follow directions when given.


● Stay current on Democracy Reform campaigns throughout U.S. i.e. read e-newsletters and attend meetings with Democracy Initiative, Common Cause, and others to stay up-to-date.

● Supervise interns who may be assisting with the website curation.

● Use WordPress to update this website, www.DemocracyMovement.US using the weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual checklists.

● Use WordPress to update the website with selected new features.

● Ensure maintenance of Democracy Movement social media channels.


Remote until the COVID pandemic is over, but then post-COVID an in-person presence in our Cambridge office will be preferred for at least some of your weekly hours. Small Planet Institute is conveniently located near the Harvard T and our office is informal and cheery. Address: Small Planet Institute, 2nd floor upstairs at 12 Eliot Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.


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