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A personal PR firm based in the United States is seeking skilled writers experienced in writing web copy. This is a remote contract position with flexible hours. We utilize our team of writers on an ongoing basis, so this is not a one-time project.

You will create original content for biographies and articles. Client base includes executives, professionals, and businesses in North America.

The ideal candidate will consistently write content that meets the following standards: good organization and flow, clear language and word choice, professional tone, and correct spelling, punctuation, and syntax.


  • You will write high-quality biographies and articles. The typical format of our content is 150 words.

  • Source data will be provided, so you will not be required to research for biographies. Light research is required for articles.

  • We follow the Chicago Manual of Style. Any deviations from CMS will be detailed for you.

  • You will be paid a set rate of $7.50 per... biography or article (net pay after Upwork fees).


  • Experience writing professionally is preferred, but we will consider current or recently graduated college students.

  • You can be based anywhere in the world, but you must have a good command of the English language.

  • We manage our content system and all of our contracts via the Upwork platform, so you must be willing to create an Upwork account upon an offer of contract.

  • Willingness to submit an email address and be added to our common platform for communication purposes.


  • Please attach a portfolio or samples to the job application.

  • If you don’t have any writing samples, you may request to take our short writing test (unpaid) to demonstrate your skills. Please note your request in the cover letter

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