part time sales

Job Details

  • With no commute and a flexible work schedule, you can hit the gym, catch your kid's big game, take your dog for a walk, or meet with friends for an extended lunch - the world is your oyster!
  • A FinTech Executive Search firm that we represent A SaaS and cybersecurity firm specializing in identity management, VPN replacement, and other Cloud Smart and IT solutions.
  • SaaS, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning are more than just buzzwords to you.
  • Are you an SDR Super Star?
  • When you sit down for a coaching session, you already have ideas on how to improve.
  • Are you looking for a people-first culture that connects you with witty, caring, and talented salespeople across the country, without the stress of a daily commute?
  • You may or may not have B2B sales experience, but youve built a reputation as an overachiever.
  • Youre a hunter who methodically and persistently chases the deal, even if the first answer is no.

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