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Job Details

We’re seeking a multi-disciplinarian creative lead who can assist with storyboarding, visual design, video communications, 3D animation and traditional Web / UX Design.

Story Behind the Need – Business Group & Key Projects

  • Org unit& team culture

  • Surrounding team & key projects

  • Purpose of this team

  • Reason for the request

  • Motivators for this need (time, budget, skillset) Org Unit: Emerging Technologies

Team culture:

  • Dream job working with emerging technologies

  • Exciting team

Key projects:

  • The main function of a UX/UI Designer is to create designs, concepts and sample layouts based on design principles and concepts.

  • A typical UX/UI Designer needs to have a high level of creativity and able to communicate their ideas to both internal and external clients.

  • The ability to be flexible to client demands, work well under pressure and multi-task are required skills.

Purpose of this team: R&D for emerging technologies

Reason for the request: Supplement... additional workload on team

Motivators for this need: SKILLSET

Typical Day in the Role

  • Start & end dates

  • Daily schedule & OT expectations

  • Typical task breakdown and rhythm

  • Interaction level with team (heads down or collaborative)

  • Work environment description

  • Chance for flex hours or remote

  • Chance for extension or conversion Duration: ~5 months

OT expectations: none expected

Chance for flex hours or remote: Completely remote okay must work PST

Chance for extension or conversion: Potential for both

Daily schedule:

Design in Sketch, background in the Adobe CS Suite helps, leveraged on occasion as well.

  • Build websites with knowledge of HTML+CSS, proficient to build own designs.

  • Understand UI specifications, their impact, and how to guide developers.

  • Requires attention to detail in order to document UI issues in QA or UAT environment.

  • Meet with diverse group of stakeholders and listen attentively to turn needs into user stories, wireframes, and high level visual designs.

  • Gather user requirements, build navigation components.

  • Develop UI mockups, graphic user interface elements, and navigation and search tools.

  • Projects range from updates on older systems being phased out, to new exciting projects.

  • Must understand how to use Style Guides and ensure consistency and alignment of UI patterns.

Interaction level with team:

  • Highly collaborative

  • Small, close-knit team

Compelling Story & Candidate Value Proposition

  • What makes this role interesting? Looking for unique selling points to attract candidates to this position.

  • Competitive market comparison

  • Value added or experience gained through new tools/exposure Market comp:

  • Candidate market, FT roles priority

Unique selling points?/Value added:

  • Great team to be on!

  • Innovative team with emerging technologies

Candidate Requirements

  • Years of experience required

  • Degrees or certifications required Skills/Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Sketch or Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop, or XD.

  • Proficiency in prototyping with Axure and other tools.

  • Strong sense of ownership and attention to detail.

  • Familiar with Dropbox and Box, able to collaborate and share work.

  • Foundation, Sass, jQuery, etc. a plus, but not required.

  • Portfolio a plus.


  • Bachelor's degree in design or related field preferred

  • Basic ability to utilize various forms of media.

  • Previous experience using the computer to create layouts and generate new images.

  • Experience with Adobe publishing and graphics software

  • Staying up to date on the latest trends

-must be open-minded and flexible

-start-up or agency experience

-Animation, 3D

Top Candidate Skills Years of Experience

  • Top 3 must-have hard skills

  • Level of experience with each

  • Stack-ranked by importance 1 Creative Suite Experience (PhotoShop, Adobe, etc.) 3+

2 Designing Websites or mobile applications 3+

3 Proficiency in prototyping with Axure and other tools 3

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