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What we're looking for

Until now, our marketing responsibilities have been shared amongst the entire team. As we've continued to grow, it's evident there are a wealth of opportunities such that this deserves a dedicated role.

So far our growth has primarily come through content marketing and SEO. We are excited to expand into additional channels including partnerships with complimentary tools, industry-specific initiatives, social media, and encouraging our customers share their stories through their own networks.
What we need from you

We're looking to add someone who will lead the charge across a wide range of activities to help build our brand and audience with the ultimate goal of helping to fill the top of the sales funnel.

Example projects might include

  • Identifying where target user personas spend time online then crafting and executing a strategy to reach and engage them.
  • Researching and creating industry specific landing pages.
  • Finding relevant influencers and... negotiating sponsorships or partnerships.
  • Propagating content to social media
  • Amplifying the things our users are building.

Who you might be

This role doesn't require a lot of prior formal experience, but you should have a history of leading the charge on projects. Someone eager to learn new things, tackle new problems, and develop a track record and reputation for shipping would be perfect. We love hiring past and future founders

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