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Protecting patient healthcare information is the #1 cybersecurity objective within the $3 trillion U.S. healthcare industry. Healthcare has a multitude of data security software tools and defensive strategies already in place, but they fall way short in securing healthcare’s uniquely complex infrastructure. Further, with the advent of the COVID-19 crisis and even more remote care, the patient data “attack surface” has increased exponentially. The need for what we are building has never been greater.

Tausight is a patient data security startup with a mission of reducing healthcare cyber incidents using a more proactive, risk management philosophy. We deeply understand the complex intricacies of the healthcare infrastructure and have created a breakthrough, multi-patented, technology platform and sophisticated information architecture that will revolutionize how to best protect patient’s protected healthcare information (PHI). Powered by proprietary machine-learning algorithms... patented IoT sensing technology, and our Google Cloud DevOps infused private cloud, Tausight has reimagined how to enable healthcare CIOs and CISOs to make real-time decisions to protect PHI…much of which they can’t even see today.
Tausight is an exciting place to be, at an exciting time, and the best time to join us is right now.
As a cloud infrastructure developer, you will work on a product that extracts data streams from hundreds of thousands of devices within complex healthcare provider environments, processes and analyzes these data streams for useful insight, and then feeds this back to our clients via a web application. You will own major components of this stack and be responsible for their performance, scalability, reliability, and also for testing their resiliency before market entry.

Tausight is an exciting place to be, at an exciting time, and the best time to join us is right now.

What You Will Do:
Work with the cloud and data engineering teams on the reliability, scalability, testability, and deployment of key server components
Develop on Tausight’s underlying Cloud (Google Cloud Platform, Jenkins, and Terraform), Logging, Monitoring (Stackdriver), and associated services
Build internal tooling and services
Review designs and look closely at code quality and risk, refactoring code as necessary. Write unit testing frameworks and automation.
Effectively use tools and ingenuity to identify and fix defects

What You Need:
BS in Computer Science or related technical field involving coding
3+ years experience in DevOps, Cloud engineering, or related roles
Fluent in one or more languages (Java, Python, Javascript, etc.)
Understand engineering tradeoffs, valuing pragmatism over idealism.
Analytical approach coupled with strong communication skills
Shares the values of ownership, diversity of thought, and empathy for our users and coworkers
Passion for best quality practice and continuous professional development with the ability to iterate on solutions quickly and effectively

Nice to Have:
Experience maintaining and debugging distributed systems in production environments
Experience with Google Cloud Platform technologies such as Pub/Sub, Dataflow, Datastore, BigQuery, or Kubernetes
Experience with CI/CD and testing automation frameworks
Understanding of deployment automation/configuration management tools (Terraform, Chef, Ansible, etc.)

Why Tausight?

The fastest growing technology segment in the $3 trillion healthcare industry will be protecting healthcare IT and patient data
Learn about how we built a multi-patented tech stack powered by ML/AI and Google Cloud streaming analytics that will be the first-of-its-kind in healthcare cybersecurity
Backed by leading healthcare technology VCs Flare Capital and Polaris Partners, we are nearing a significant Series A round financing to support our groundbreaking market entry in 2021.
Now is exactly the right time to join Tausight. Not too early, but more importantly, not too late.
Highly experienced team to learn from and to help develop your personal growth.
We work independently, remotely, and collaboratively. Micro-managers not welcome.
Unlimited vacation; company holidays; medical/dental/eyecare.
About Us

Tausight was founded in 2018 by David Ting, the cofounder and former CTO of Imprivata and a former appointee to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force. Backed by top-tier healthcare technology investors, Polaris Partners and Flare Capital Partners, our team has spent the last two years single-mindedly focused on developing a cutting-edge, multi-patented platform technology product that will help secure and de-risk PHI across an increasingly decentralized healthcare ecosystem, post COVID-19 inception.

Our team is primarily located within Greater Boston and the San Francisco Bay area but welcomes remote workers and flexible working hours. As clearly stated within our company principles statement that we call ‘We Believe’, Tausight will not tolerate ageism, racism, gender or sexual harassment, or any form of discrimination within our business operations or places of work. We are committed to diversity, equity and belonging within our culture and across our company

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