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· Burnt out working for a large nationwide service bureau?

· Looking for an organization where your skills stand out and are recognized in a smaller team?

· Ready for a career opportunity with more compensation, but with less stress?

· A natural problem solver and enjoy challenges?

· Enthusiastic in working in technology solutions?

If, so an Account Specialist role at PRG may be an opportunity you would love. PRG offers a small but professionally run organization, a modern workplace, competitive benefits, and opportunities to grow and develop new skills. We are looking for individuals who have a passion for client service, have patience and understanding, work as effective team members, and strive for excellence in everything they do.

The Senior Payroll Specialist provides support and management to our clients and the rest of the Payroll Specialist team. You will lead the group in determining any client needs, gathering information, and fostering growth and development... of your team. You will report to our Operations Manager and be able to work remotely from a suitable home office environment.


A PRG Specialist provides clients a single point of contact for proactive customer service of all HCM products, client training, technical support, and payroll services. The Specialist is the front line for both client retention and satisfaction. A PRG Specialist ensures that all payrolls are 100% accurate, client users are appropriately trained, and addresses client requests in a timely manner. The Specialist provides solutions to client inquiries with a proactive and supportive approach. The Specialist thrives in a collaborative work environment and takes responsibility to handle problems through to completion, thus forming a trusted relationship with their clients and colleagues. The Specialist exhibits a strong willingness to go the extra mile to resolve problems and takes every opportunity to learn and expand their industry and technical knowledge. When confronted with a challenging problem, the Specialist empathizes with the client, takes full responsibility to resolve the issue, asks for help when needed, and understands the urgency and importance of each situation.


· The Account Specialist will be responsible for setting the tone for the day-to-day interactions with clients and building strong relationships with those clients.

· Proactively identify issues and utilize available resources to identify appropriate solutions for clients. Manage inquiries via phone, Slack and email.

· Trains clients in the use of the system. Proactively reaches out to clients to identify new users and leaders. Provides one-on-one training when appropriate to make a client successful.

· Ensure payrolls for all assigned accounts are processed timely with 100% accuracy. Proactively acts on all payroll instructions, arranges payment methods, and monitors, validates, and acts on any issues in each payroll run. Communicates payroll status quickly and accurately both internally and to the client.

· Troubleshoots payroll problems in real time. Creatively addresses complex client issues. Actively communicates with clients regarding usage and best practices while anticipating future client needs. Demonstrates sound judgment, uses resources wisely, and knows when to escalate. When an issue cannot be resolved immediately, the Specialist applies their creativity to identify alternatives and workarounds to enable clients to meet their needs until a more permanent solution is found. Understands that their most important priority is to get the client’s needs satisfied. Demonstrates a strong sense of client orientation and an understanding of the business needs of their assigned clients. Views the situation from the user’s perspective and tries to understand the obvious and hidden needs of users.

· Fosters development of other junior Specialists and their workload assignments (i.e. recruiting, hiring, training, coaching, time clock monitoring, performance reviews, etc.) and their growth.

· Ensures seamless interaction between support teams and proactively shares information to provide a coordinated approach when solving client issues that cross product offerings. The Specialist makes positive suggestions as to how to improve the client service process. Offers assistance voluntarily and willingly, interacting politely and professionally with team members.

· Actively engages in self-learning and self-improvement.


· Associates degree or equivalent required. Bachelor's degree preferred

· Minimum of 4 years of experience with at least two years in a service organization

· Legally authorized to work in the US

· Client Services: Experience in a client-facing role, payroll, accounting, finance, and/or taxes. A passion for helping others and professional communication through phone, email, and in person. Listening and providing empathy is crucial.

· Technical Skills: Strong Microsoft office skills, including Excel tables and mathematical aptitude and logical reasoning

· Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service skills a must

· Confidence: A proactive, independent, and logical approach to solving complex problems.

· Versatile: Resiliency and the ability to handle multiple tasks, work well under pressure, and thrive in a fast-paced environment. detail oriented, organized, self-motivated, project/deadline driven.

· The drive to learn and be resourceful in order to figure out solutions independently.

· An eagerness to build rapport with clients over the phone and email, focusing on providing quick but thorough responses and taking the time to get to the root of the issue.

· Resourceful: The ability to appropriately and effectively use resources to find and validate answers, and resolve and document issues.

· Interested in growing your knowledge on payroll, tax and human resource related topics.

· Team player who initiates solutions to help the team meet performance goals

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