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Job Details

We work in an adapted version of Basecamp's shape up where teams work on efforts in a fixed time / variable scope framework. Our PM/PD pairs split time between two engineering duos where each squad (PM, PD, and two engineers) work through what the solution will look like and how we can get there.

We do all our work in engineering duos. You and your partner in crime will figure out implementation details and attack the problem as you see fit. Everyone works on the full stack and contributes to every aspect of the product life cycle. We are always looking to add more people to teach and learn from as we build our team and product.
Our stack

  • React, Webpack, and SCSS using BEM
  • Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq, ActiveInteraction, and RSpec
  • Postgres
  • Hosted on Heroku using Github and CircleCI for CI and automated testing


  • At least two years of industry experience with React or Ruby on Rails. Experience with both is a bonus.
    Ideal Candidate Qualities
  • Strong industry experience... which can be added to our knowledge base
  • Ability to learn quickly and adjust based on new requirements and direction
  • A desire to influence the product in a meaningful way
  • Curiosity to constantly learn new better ways to build software


  • An integral part of a growing team with the ability to shape company and engineering culture.
  • License to investigate any aspect of a product and take ownership of what is interesting to you.
  • Fully remote team which embraces async communication to optimize personal work schedules.
  • Unlimited wellness days with a culture around personal growth inside and outside of work.
  • Full company in person off-sites (currently remote due to the pandemic).
  • Weekly
    "water cooler" meetings with activities including Codenames
    tournaments, Sporkle challenges, and showing off our islands in Animal
  • Weekly engineering brunch and learns to discuss what we're working on or learning in and outside of the workplace.
  • Cool inside jokes and references like Rs and Ps, Party Gritty, and Tacos

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