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We are hiring a technical program manager to join our clients team. The ideal candidate will have a passion for technical operations and workflows which give the organization a competitive edge and improve developer efficiencies.

The ideal candidate will also have a track record of having built multiple high-performance, stable, scalable systems that have been successfully shipped to customers in production. Your work and your approach to work are exemplary: you drive best practices and set standards for your team. You are a key influencer in your team’s strategy and contribute significantly to team planning. You show good judgement making trade-offs between immediate and long-term business needs. You are a collaborative partner that makes other team members around you more productive, by sharing your knowledge, and helping to tie-break key technical decisions. You provide mentoring to others.

  • You contribute to your team’s success by ensuring that the right software... is shipped successfully and on time. You help drive resolution of complex technical problems by identifying simple and straightforward solutions.
  • When you encounter problems, you are able to drive their resolution more often than not, and when you cannot, you know who and how best to engage. When confronted with discordant views, you foster constructive dialogue and seek resolutions in a professional manner.
  • You get a lot done. You communicate clearly, analyze technical designs, organize project timelines, secure commitments, manage risks, identify the critical path, spot edge cases, triage bugs, Technical Program Manager Leveling Guide review metrics & data, and monitor launch operations.
  • You switch effortlessly between these modes, adapting yourself to the needs of your workstreams.
  • You apply processes and standards thoughtfully, identifying the right amount of process and structure to achieve the correct outcome with the least overhead.
  • You influence your team through data to guide roadmap priorities for which features to build, software design changes, and operational excellence improvements.
  • You have a deep technical and business understanding of your team’s services.

Your written and verbal communication skills are exemplary, concise and to the point, making you the initial point of contact for business and technical stakeholders.
Preferred Skills:

  • Comfortable and experienced in leading project teams in an agile environment for Cloud (K8S) infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, and DevOps tools development.
  • Knowledge of operational practices, workflows, and support models for engineering teams. Understanding of incident management and monitoring workflows.
  • Ability to collaborate with technology resources on projects given solid understanding of current technologies and trends.
  • Accountability of project scope and ensuring completion of projects while maintaining compliance with standard processes, quality, and schedule objectives.
  • Estimating, scheduling, coordinating, assigning resources, and assisting and recommending business solutions/alternatives for projects.
  • Knowledge of industry best practices for technical documentation.
  • Ability to focus both strategically and tactically to achieve business goals, including the use of data to drive improvements.
  • Nice to have: AWS, Prometheus, Grafana, ELK, Jenkins, PagerDuty, Confluence and JIRA admin tool experience
  • Discovery does require contractors to take a 90 day leave after 12 months on assignment unless special approval is made or a full-time job is offered

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