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AllSTEM Connections is looking for a DBA. This position is remote and can be done anywhere in the US.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Postgres DBA: - Installing and configuring the PostgreSQL DB in multinode and multisite environment. Reviews database design and integration of systems, and makes recommendations regarding enhancements and/or improvements. - Installing and configuring connection pooling tools like PgPool and PgBouncer etc. - Installing and configuring the High Availability in Postgres SQL like Streaming replication, Host standby, warm standby. Maintenance of PostgreSQL master-slave clusters utilizing streaming replication - Installing and configuring the PostgreSQL Monitoring tools like PEM and AppD. - Online Migration of Oracle Database to the PostgreSQL database using replication tools. - Hands-on experience on database administration, backup recovery and troubleshooting in co-location environments. Performing schema management, database sizing, maintaining privileges. - Monitoring... databases to optimize database performance and diagnosing any issues. - Implement and monitor replication for high availability and disaster recovery scenarios. - Monitor and manage database indexes for optimal performance. Query optimization and troubleshooting. - Proactive in updating the latest security patches to Enterprise PostgreSQL database. - Configuring log analyzation tools like pgfouine and pgbadger etc. - Closely working with development team for code migration, performance testing. - Expertise on EDB PostgreSQL, load testing and DevOps methodology are added advantage.

Required Experience:

The must haves:

  • Hands on experience with postgres DBA [practical knowledge is insufficient]
  • Other requirements are:
  • Oracle
  • EDB Experience
  • DB Migration
  • Postgres HA Installation
  • Streaming/ XDB Replication

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